Capturing Kiev. Stunning shots of the Ukrainian capital

Written by Ian Bearder

I’m happy to share some stunning pictures of Kiev, kindly submitted by Lev Shevchenko.

Lev is a photographer from Kiev, inspired by his home city and urban themes.

He shoots with a  Sony R1 and if you are visiting Ukraine with your camera, he suggests the following places: Crimea, the Carpathian mountains, the seaside, castles of Western Ukraine, pastoral villages of Central Ukraine, and the Ukrainian cities and towns.

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About the author

Ian Bearder

Ian has been living in Kyiv on-and-off since 2009 and he launched Kyiv.Cool in 2014 to promote the lighter side of life in Ukraine's crazy capital. He doesn't just love Kyiv - he feels genuinely sorry for people who don't live here.
If he's not out on his bike, he's normally wandering in Podil or exploring some forgotten corner of the city.