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Buy the book! 101 Reasons to Love Kyiv

Written by Ian Bearder

Following the huge success of our article 101 Reasons to Love Kyiv, we decided to publish it, along with some stunning pictures of the Ukrainian capital.

The book makes a wonderful souvenir for tourists and visitors, and is also the perfect gift for anyone who wants to share the beauty of this city.

Book: 101 Reasons to Love Kyiv

The book is currently available from bookshops in Kyiv and also direct from us.

If you would like to order a copy, please visit our online store

One book costs One book costs 3GBP (approximately $4.70) or you can purchase five copies for 12GBP ($18.90). That’s just $3.77 per book!!


About the author

Ian Bearder

Ian has been living in Kyiv on-and-off since 2009 and he launched Kyiv.Cool in 2014 to promote the lighter side of life in Ukraine's crazy capital. He doesn't just love Kyiv - he feels genuinely sorry for people who don't live here.
If he's not out on his bike, he's normally wandering in Podil or exploring some forgotten corner of the city.