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The Complete Teacher: Giving Corrective Feedback. November 7

Written by anastasia

A four-part teacher training workshop

As teachers we know that our teaching practice is an ever-evolving, multi-faceted thing. By this definition, it can never be ‘complete’ or finished, because we are constantly adapting to new student needs and personalities, consistently implementing new activities and technologies. And yet in spite of this openness, this very necessary incompletion of our craft, as it were, our goal—in our steadfast efforts to best serve our students—remains the same: we keep reaching to be complete teachers.
We will cover warmers, giving corrective feedback, and approaches to teaching grammar in these workshops. Participants who attend all four sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion for, aptly enough, The Complete Teacher.

Session 2 – ‘Giving Corrective Feedback’
It’s no secret that giving corrective feedback is one of the trickiest aspects of being a language teacher: Correcting errors too bluntly could squelch our students’ willingness to participate; conversely, letting too many errors pass could enable them to develop some bad habits.
In this session we will discuss and practice some strategies in helping us approach such vexing questions as: what to correct, when to correct it, how to correct it, and so forth. 

Where: America House Kiev , Pymonenka str., 6

We start at 4pm

Remember to bring your passport or driver’s license.
This event is free.


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