Culinary course: Sweet Tuesday

Written by anastasia

Program Kitchen of good mood: “Sweet Tuesday” Dear, future goddesses and gods of culinary art! Center “New Century” and  Irina Kravchenko,  invite you to visit the new culinary course: “Sweet Tuesday”

I suggest you share with the joy in making sweets from natural products for the whole family. Let us learn to cook frosted cakes, cookies, halva, fruit jelly, condensed milk, bread, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and much more. What is typical – the vegetarian dishes will have the sweet taste of different countries and traditions of the  programs are useful to you and your children.

I promise you, when you cook it at home – frustrate applause and will have obtselovannye handle.

Lesson 1: 8 September 1)Peach cake  (Changeling) 2)Shortbread Drink

Lesson 2: September 15 1)Somoza with vegetables 2)Somoza with paneer and spinach

Lesson 3: September 22, 1)Napoleon, 2)Raffaello balls

Lesson 4: 29 September 10Cheese-walnut cake kerobovy 2)Marmalade, 3) Beverage

Date and time: 11: 00-13: 00 on Tuesdays from 29/09/2015

Cost: 250 UAH. pre-registration, 300 UAH. – If the payment on the spot

Speaker: Irina Kravchenko

Phone for registration and information: (044) 486-53-08, (050) 452-70-70


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