“Extreme negotiations: the rules of MMA.”

Written by anastasia

Today from 10am-7pm will be host a charity training by Maxim Golubev “Extreme negotiations: the rules of MMA.” The event will be held with a free price. This means that the participants can independently determine for themselves the cost of seminar, which can be less or more than the standard (3500 UAH). All profits from the sale of the training, as well as the fee of the trainer Maxim Golubev will be transfer on assistance to orphans house in the city Novograd Volyn. The reports on the transfer of funds will be published on the ITA  (independent television agency) and on the official Facebook page.

As for the topics of the training, it will be interesting to everyone who by the nature of their business or life have to get into the negotiation situation, which use pressure and aggression. Participants will learn how to determine the transition point to the extreme negotiations, how to counter pressure and learn to break the conversation of  the aggressive opponent.



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