In Kyiv, if it moves it can (and probably will) sell coffee.

Written by Ian Bearder

Kyiv’s growing coffee obsession has been taken to a whole new level with the arrival of coffee buses.

The city’s coffee cars took-off in a big way in 2011 and now, wherever there are people, you will can find one. As cars, most of them look decidedly unroadworthy, but the do make a good latte.  In 2013 the coffee cars were joined by the ludicrous (but popular) pink coffee snails, which are possibly the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen – even by Ukrainian standards.

Now, this huge fleet of motorised coffee kiosks has been bolstered by a substantial number of large coffee buses. If this trend continues, I wouldn’t be surprised to return in three months and find a bean-filled Antanov pumping cappuccinos out onto Kreshatink.

First they came by car...

First they came by car…

Then these weirdly wonderful 'creatures' arrived.  

Then these weirdly wonderful ‘creatures’ arrived.

...and now look!! (and I know we're famous for Red buses, but it should be a TEA bus). Where will is end??

…and now look, we have buses!!  Where will this end? Coffee tractors? Coffee Trucks? or. maybe…

This is Ukraine, it could happen... anyone for a jet-fulled latte macchiato?

Coffee Antanovs??!  …this is Ukraine, anything can happen.  Anyone for a jet-powered latte macchiato?



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Ian Bearder

Ian has been living in Kyiv on-and-off since 2009 and he launched Kyiv.Cool in 2014 to promote the lighter side of life in Ukraine's crazy capital. He doesn't just love Kyiv - he feels genuinely sorry for people who don't live here.
If he's not out on his bike, he's normally wandering in Podil or exploring some forgotten corner of the city.