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International Experience in the Outcomes of Asset Recovery. September 1

Written by anastasia
Asset recovery has become an essential part of debates around anti-corruption activity in Ukraine. Confused with legal terms and not sure what is your role in that process? Want to know how asset recovery works and hear about case studies from Ukraine as well as other countries? Then join America House for a panel discussion on the International Experience in the Outcomes of Asset Recovery with Mark Vlasic and Tetiana Shevchuk. They will talk about the primary goals of asset recovery, success stories, why it matters for Ukrainian citizens and what citizens can do to advocate for asset recovery.

Mark V. Vlasic has served as a soldier, a lawyer, a professor, and a diplomat, and has worked for the White House, the Pentagon, the World Bank, the United Nations, and a large international law firm. He is currently a senior fellow and adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University and a principal at Madison Law & Strategy Group PLLC, where he heads the firm’s international practice, and focuses on international law, international trade, business diplomacy, business intelligence, public policy, human rights, and stolen asset recovery matters. Prior to his return to academia and private practice, Mark was a public sector specialist at the World Bank Group, where he served as the first head of operations of the Stolen Asset Recovery (StAR) Initiative, launched by President Robert Zoellick and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to help developing.

Tetiana Shevchuk is expert at the Anti-corruption Action Centre in the field of corporate and financial law. Currently, she works on anti-corruption, asset recovery and anti-money laundering initiatives. Prior to her engagement with Anti-corruption Action Centre she worked for a leading multinational professional services companies.

This event will be in English with translation into Ukrainian available.

Remember to bring your passport or driver’s licens

  • location: America House Kyiv,  Pimonenka str., 6
  • time 3-5 pm


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