Kyiv.Cool Newsletter Issue#51

Written by anastasia

Cool news 

Do you like to perform on stage and meet new people? Then join Kyiv.Cool for Open Mic Night. Read here

Kyiv authorities have established a headquarters for helping the homeless. Read here

The several past mayors of Kyiv have decided to get back into politics again. Read here

A 4000 square meters skating rink is now open at the “Expocenter of Ukraine. Read here

A special on-line service has been created that lets the residents of Kyiv to research the availability of medicines in local hospitals. Read here


Not cool news from Kyiv 

A man rushed into a local bakery, brandishing a knife, demanding bread. Read here

80 people were evacuated after a landslide destroyed a retaining wall. Read here

Metropolitan Police have arrested a foreigner on suspicion of murder of a local woman. Read here



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