Language Exchange events around the World. September 7

Written by anastasia

FREE Language Exchange !
No registration required – No entrance fee. You pay only if you order food or drinks.

The event start with an Engish group – When at least 3 people want to speak the same language, We separate them from the English group and open a new group. Per example, if 3 people want to speak French, we will create a French group.
During our events, there are popular languages, but we do not guarantee that you will be able to speak the desired language. Groups depend on members.
If you can speak several different languages, you can change groups during the event.

Just come & check by yourself – Become confident – Improve your oral skills – Make friends & Spend a good time with us.

PS / If the place is not mentioned, do not worry, we will update the event.
BlaBla Language Exchange is not a compagny – If you have a question, please contact us by our Facebook page:


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