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RunDay – free, weekly running events in towns and cities across Ukraine.

Written by anastasia

In recent years, sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles have become increasingly popular in Ukraine and the number of yoga, dance and running clubs has blossomed.

Many of these are commercial clubs and most charge a small fee to attend.
One exception is runday – an increasingly popular running movement that’s spreading across Ukraine.

Based on a UK movement called parkrun, the idea is simple: users register online for free and then they can join any runday event in any runday town or city. There’s no need to re-register, you take your runday ID and participate any time you like in any runday location.

The course is 5km which is just long enough for serious runners but is not ‘too far’ for beginners or people who just want some gentle exercise. This is another feature of runday – it’s open to everyone and 100% free.

At the end of the race, runday volunteers scan everyone’s ID and all participants get a race time that’s published online. This means you can track your progress and also compete against friends and family members. You can also create running teams and compare your time with other team members.

In Kyiv, runday takes place every Saturday at 08:30 in summer and 09:30 in winter on Trukhaniv Island. The group is a friendly mix of local Ukrainians and foreigners and you’ll find runners of all levels – from serious competitors through to first timers, young and old.

To participate, simply register at and take your ID to any of their events. Even if you don’t like running, you can still participate as a volunteer and you’re sure to meet a who community of friendly people.

Join the post-race breakfast and you’ll be full of energy for the rest of the weekend!

Where: Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Odessa and Ivano-Frankivsk.
When: 08:30 every Saturday
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