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Shining Scribes: Getting Your Story on the Page. September 28

Written by anastasia

Need stronger collegiate essay structure? Want to polish up your resume? Join us for the America House Writing Workshop, a four-part course in which we will work on academic, business and creative writing, as well as pre-writing and editing strategies. Having a better command of the written word makes you a more effective communicator; It enables you to get your ideas across clearly, and with grace. But writing well is an ongoing challenge that requires consistent personal effort, as well as support and feedback from others. To that end, this workshop offers you the chance to push yourself to become a better writer, and in return, it gives us the gift of collaboration. Let’s make it happen, together, writing well now and forever. Participants who attend all four sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion for English Writing Workshop.

Week 1 – ‘Getting Your Story on the Page’
In week one we will assess and practice the elements of good essay structure, including a ‘hook’, thesis, topic sentence, and the PEET paragraph framework. We will use pre-writing strategies to help stimulate ideas, as we work to unearth the overarching message or lesson from of our Personal Narrative essays.

Please check our website or Facebook Events page for information about other 3 sessions.

Remember to bring your passport or driver’s license.
This event is free.

We start at 6.30 pm

Location:  America House Kyiv < Pimonenka str., 6


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