The fish art

Written by anastasia

The exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the master Elena Zhuravskaya “Bone’s lace ” – the author of unique paintings, which served as material for … fish bones. There are artists who create their paintings, not using colors. They are replaced by a completely unexpected natural and artificial materials. Elena Zhuravskaya – an inveterate fisherman and after fishing she collects  bones and scales of carp, perch, pike and other parts which turns into art. The collected material is carefully pre-washed, dried, and then painted and varnished.

After that, bones and scales can be mounted on the basis of the picture. The finished painting Elena covers the white and pearlescent lacquer, and then checks a fortress with a hammer. This art she leaned by herself and this is her unusual hobby.

Exhibition is hold in the “House of nature”, Rognedinskaya street, 3



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