The spooky guide to Halloween in Kyiv

Written by anastasia

This week is Halloween so we’ve produced list of creepy events, haunted bars and scary nights out. But first, here are some links for shops where you can get your costume!!

Party Shop

Now, onto the parties…


Remember the dance floor on the third floor  on Lentotkatskoy street? So, now it has become part of the Closer, which will open again in a few weeks on the large-scale parties BRAVE! FACTORY with great Halloween party!


3-d Floor:
ALEX.DO (Dystopian / DE)
ROMAN LINDAU (Fachwerk, Ostgut Ton / DE)


MAAYAN NIDAM (Perlon, LesIzmo)

Price from 2:00 am  – 150 UAH., After 2:00 – 200 UAH.

Address:  31, Nizhneyurkovskaya street

More details:

Halloween in  Cinema Club Kiev

October 31, 23.00

Are you ready to club to the sun rise? Then this drum&bass party for you!

In the program:

[Renegade Hardware, Commercial Suicide, Subtitles]

[Invisible, Horizons Music, Citrus, Fokuz ]



Address: Cinema Club Kiev,  18, Nikolai Hrynchenko street

More details:

Fusion cafe

Gothic House Addams Family opens its doors for you!
In the darkest holiday of the year, when the whole city goes down the mysterious twilight and begin to occur chilling things your true haven of luxury will be the area in the heart of the hem!

Address: fusion Cafe,  27B, Petra Sahaidachnoho  street

Reserve tables: 044 2279777

More details:

Halloween in Atlas! Burning frog dumb costume party!

October, 31 at 23.00

You want to look silly? Have fun and enjoy this night with friends? Then the dumb  costume party is for you!

► Very silly scenery.
► Dj Mavr the ordinary man in the suit – just in pants and a sweater.
► dwarves dressed as moths.
► Epileptic tunnel – 20 strobe lights in the stairwell.

Address: Atlas, 37, Artema street

Reserve tables: 067 155 2255

More details:

Halloween weekends at Touch  Cafe

October 30 at 24.00 till 7am

Halloween party hit its atmosphere, energy and the feeling that you are becoming a part of a magical effect. This party is real club and if you like to rock this is for you!

We are waiting for you guys 30 and 31 October in TOUCH CAFE on HALLOWEEN Weekend by Decadence!

Entrance is free  for women, for men – 200 UAH. | Facecontrol

Address: Touch Cafe Str. Shota Rustaveli, 16

Tel .: +380676572013 | +380674882013

More details:


October 31 at 23.00

This year we decided to make Halloween based on the works  of L.Keroll “ALICE IN WONDERLAND”.

How wonderful would-horror … Will the smoking caterpillar and giant mushrooms – do not know, but Halloween in Wonderland is going to be fun. Alice, Cheshire cats, rabbits with a kettle, queen of hearts all this awaits guests in the night, but we decided to do a little bit differently all, and not so fabulous, so our tale is called “Alice in Silent Hill” and there is already a performance based favorite games and movies, with such memorable characters, then you and the sexy nurses with a scalpel.

Face control / dress to impress

Entrance fee: Men – 200 UAH, Women – free

Info&Reserv: 044 200 90 09

More details:

Halloween Party in Gulliver!

October 31 at  13.00

For families and their children!

For the first time in Ukraine, and only in the shopping center Gulliver  opens its door for Halloween, accredited by the Ministry of monstrous Affairs, Graduate School of Monsters! The famous school where children learn the most famous monsters and have different activities!

The party ends at 20.30

Adsress: Shopping mall Gulliver,  1, Sportivns plosha

Halloween in Ocean Plaza

October 31, at 10.00

In the shopping center Ocean Plaza will celebration of  Halloween. On this day, shopping and entertainment center will be open until two in the morning of November 1. Visitors waiting for the concert of “Antitela” and many other fun activities for adults and children.

Address: Ocean Plaza.  176, Horkogo street

Big Ukrainian Stand Up Halloween Edition

October 31 at 20.00

If you like comedy show then the night of Big Ukrainian stand up is for you!At halloween night will be held in the Caribbean Slub sitcom Big Ukrainian stand up Halloween Edition! Artists offer the perfect alternative to the American holiday Halloween is scary – laugh to tears, have fun on 100%

Address: Caribbean Club, 4 Simon Petlura street

Reserve tables   (067) 224-41-11

More details:

Halloween Horror Night at Bingo

October 31 at 17.00

Club Bingo, label and agency NeverLand ІnshaMuzika the 7th consecutive year, calling you to the biggest Halloween an underground in Kiev – Halloween Horror Night.

Address:  night club “Bingo”, 112,Peremohy  ave

Price: 100-200 UAH

Reserve tables:  424-25-55

More details:


October 31 at 20.00

On the 31th of October Marrakesh restaurant will be turned into a real Dolls Land. At night you will be served by possessed and demonized Anabel, Bloody Mary, Bride of Chucky etc.

Those, who are not afraid to face the fear, will get some treats. Besides, the program includes chilling belly dances and DJ-sets by Shakti.  Plan your leisure time right now and book a table by phone (068) 337 67 48, (044) 494 0 494 or fill in the application form on the web-site and our manager will call you back in 15 minutes.

Address: Restaurant “Marrakesh”  24, Petra Sagaidachogo, street, reserve tables

Reservation / Booking:+ 38 (044) 494 0 494

More details:

“Game of Halloween” at Budha Bar

October 31 at 21.00

Winter is coming. Night Watch, Wild, Queens and mystical white walkers -most unusual company meets in Buddha- Bar Kiev to get on the iron Throine and take a couple of selfies!

Well-known for their co-creation with pop stars team Jazz Ballet lead by Vladimir Mozheyko will present new Game of Thrones spectacular performance. Do you want to hear the real song of ICE and FIRE? Then come to Budha Bar.

Address: Budha Bar,   14, Kreshyatik street, reserve tables 044 2707676, +38067468 18 88

More details:

“Fun Halloween” at Shooters for kids

October 31 at 15.00

This event mostly for families! Enjoy time with your children! Fun, joy, laugh! Shooters invite you to the Halloween party. Including entertainment for the children, kids cocktails, cooking lessons,Halloween make up tutorial, Halloween Brunch from 11.00  till 15.00, DJ + party!

Address: Shooters, 22, Moskovskaya street, reserve table +380634444622, 0442542024

More details:

Bottoga: Espolon Halloween

October 31  at 20.00

October 31 Spanish-Mexican mix of Halloween and Los De Muertes be your main reason to sin!

That night in the Bottega Wine & Tapas will not be able to stay saint – decorous thought of nonalcoholic party drives the general partner – tequila ESPOLON: welcomes mixes and specially to the most the colorful feast!

5 must-have of the night:

– Pilgrimage cocktail bar sinners to Victor Pravosudova for a mix of tequila!

– Gluttony Spanish dishes!

– Godless communion wine from Zahara Umansky!

– Dj-coven!

Address: 13, Tereshenkivska street, reserve tables  094 823 85 74

More details:

Halloween Family Festival

October 31 at 10.00

When the whole world will be celebrating Halloween, Kartata Potata together with DonorUA decided to organize  “Halloween Family Festival”.

For the first time in the history of festivals in Ukraine, will be equipped with a special blood collection area, where everyone can join the donor movement in Ukraine and become a donor!

So if you want to relax without having to travel from Kiev to enjoy autumn panorama of the city, to spend an unforgettable holiday with friends or family, and even do a good deed, then come to us!

Address:Restaurant & Nature Park of productive time, Brovarsky Prospect, 11

Entrance fee 50 UAH

More details:

Halloween run

November 1

November 1, on the territiry of Expocenter of Ukraine will be festive and mystical race dedicated to Halloween! Scary Vivid race this fall! Pivmarafon and Relay “race of zombies” at 6.66 km. Participants in costumes and make-up! Children run free! To disperse the evil spirits or run by vampires and zombies Wear sneakers and come at Expocenter of Ukraine.

The running include three distance levels:

– Classic half marathon (21.1 km)

– Festive “Heat of the Zombies” at 6.66 km

– Half marathon relay for three people


Address: Akademika Hlushkova Ave, 1

More details:


October 31 at 22.00

Already in this year party in Artprichal all inclusive! Drinks all you like! Proper sound of our DJ’s will give the party a special flavor. In general, if you love a great Motion, join our evil party and become a part of this unforgettable time !!!

Entrance fee: 250UAH

Address: ‘ArtPrichal’ Naberezhno-Kreshatytska street  dock #2, next to the ship St. Andrew

More details:

The Vampire Dance

October 31 at 22.00

If you like the show and want to spend Halloween enjoying performance, then this is for you! Kiev Swing Dance Club in conjunction with the Hot Boogie Club present wonderful show “The Vampire Dance”Nearing the most horrible and disgusting, as well as fun and rollicking holiday – Halloween!. Dancers have long and successfully mastered this wonderful event, and every year the regular dance floor filled with blood and enmeshed in webs, and the terrible creatures of this night.

Address: Professional dance studio, 1/32 Tel’mana street

Entrance fee: 100-130 UAH

More details: https:



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