“Ukraine through children’s eyes”

Written by Ian Bearder

In the past two weeks, adults in Ukraine and Europe (especially those entrusted to run countries and governments) have given us a superb lesson in stupidity and incompetence.

Self interest, selective justice, coercion, ignorance and a complete lack of interest/understanding from Western Europe have all been displayed in the almighty international cock-up known as the Association Agreement.

Like never before, Europe’s adults have shown that they are unable to govern, and why a new generation of leaders is desperately needed. 

So, while our politicians and diplomats continue their playschool pranks in Parliament and continue to shame our countries and our continent, I am delighted to share this alternative view from Ukraine. A collection of optimistic excellence from some exceedingly talented kids.

The gallery “Ukraine through Children’s eyes” took place in Brussels last week, and although there wasn’t a child in sight, it was a lot of fun.

There were Stalks (those birds that bring babies), Cossacks, Cats (of course), horses, houses, ducks, rainbows, fields… and many many more colourfully-painted Ukrainian cliches.   Yes, there were a few tough-talking adults, some bad haircuts and some questionable musical performances, but who cares because there was even a painting of a marshrutka!

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy Ukraine “through Children’s eyes”


About the author

Ian Bearder

Ian has been living in Kyiv on-and-off since 2009 and he launched Kyiv.Cool in 2014 to promote the lighter side of life in Ukraine's crazy capital. He doesn't just love Kyiv - he feels genuinely sorry for people who don't live here.
If he's not out on his bike, he's normally wandering in Podil or exploring some forgotten corner of the city.