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Unique tour:behind the scenes of the Kyiv Opera House

Written by anastasia

Today you have opportunity to see behind the scenes  of Kyiv Opera House.The tour always begins a half hour before the performance starts. The lights on the stage are on for just one and a half hours to give the opportunity to prepare actors and stagehands. It is worth taking advantage of this moment to feel the breath of life of the famous Kiev Opera House.

You plunge into the atmosphere of the theater and go all the way “from the hangers” to the backstage.
You will open the secrets and mysteries of the main Opera House of Ukraine. You can admire the beautiful interiors with crystal chandeliers, Venetian mirrors,  touch the velvet of  the royal bedroom, but the main thing – you go up on stage and feel the atmosphere!

Location: Kiev excellent leisure club . 16 Tvers’ka street



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