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Where to Work Out in Kiev? Fitness Clubs, Gyms, CrossFit, Yoga

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Looking for a place work out in Kiev? Here’s all you need to know about fitness clubs and gyms in Kiev. We’ve also included a few yoga studios and CrossFit sports clubs. One important tip – not all fitness clubs in Kiev allow you to buy a day pass, so call ahead before visiting a club to check whether this option is available.



TSARSKY City Resort

TSARSKY City Resort is an ultra luxury sport, spa, and wellness resort in the heart of Kiev. Here you’ll find antigravity and hot yoga studios, group exercise rooms with 3D Cycles and Kinesis fitness stations, a climbing wall, a boxing ring, and a gym and martial arts room for simulated high altitude training. Personal training is available with a team of some of Kiev’s best instructors. Here for the first time in Ukraine, you are offered a comprehensive set of individualized services for your body based on DNA analysis, in a consultation with a psychologist and a nutritionist. Services: Fitness Zone, Aqua Lounge, Sauna Park, SPA-center. Individual children’s programs, Restaurant/Bar, Boutique Hotel. Shooting Club. Tropical gardenTsarsky-Aqua-Zone-where-to-work-out-in-Kiev[1] (Russian) Address: Staronavodnytska St, 13b Nearest Metro: Pecherska Phone number: +38 (044) 227 77 99 Price: $1,800-$3,500 per year Personal training: from $25 One-time visit: upon client’s recommendation $70 ($25 will be a deposit)

Sky Fitness

Sky Fitness is a premium class fitness center atop Gulliver Trade Center that offers you a sweeping panoramic view of downtown Kiev. The club features a fitness area with the latest modern exercise equipment and a open-floor design. There’s a 25 meter swimming and several group exercise studios as well as a “relax” zone with a spa, massage rooms and saunas. Sky Fitness sells a variety memberships, including the Ultra Pass that give you access to all of the club’s additional services, including parking and the Fitness Bar. Services: Gym, Swimming Pool, Cardio Zone, Group Exercise Studios, Pilates, Yoga, Functional Training, TRX, CrossFit, Self-Defense, Personal Training, Exercise for Expectant Mothers, Water Aerobics, Swimming Lessons for Adults and Children, Spa, Massage, Sauna Sky-Fitness-where-to-work-out-in-kiev[1] (Russian) Address: Gulliver Trade Center, 10th floor, Sportyvna Square,1 Nearest Metro: Palats Sportu Phone number: +38 (044) 500 83 38 Price: about $975 to $2,075 per year (Day to Ultra Pass) Personal training: from about $16-20 One-time visit: about $40 (is applied to membership if you join)


Grand-Prix Modern features a gym, cardio and aerobics rooms with hi-tech equipment and incredible audio systems. The swimming pool/aqua zone provides countercurrents and hydromassage. There are also tennis. squash and badminton courts. Special fitness and recreation programs are offered for children. The premises includes a spa/wellness center and a restaurant/bar area.. Services: Gym, Aerobics, Swimming pool, Cardio, TRX, Yoga and Pilates, Boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Kid’s fitness, Tennis, Squash, Spa, Massage, Solarium, Hair Salon, Restaurant/Bar, where-to-work-out-in-kiev-1[1] Address: Volodymyrska St,101 Nearest Metro: Olimpiiska Phone number: +38 (044) 230 20 00 Price: $1,000-$1,500 per year Personal training: from $19 to $30 One-time visit: upon client’s recommendation $38

SOFIYSKIY Fitness Center 

SOFIYSKIY Fitness Center is a luxurious fitness center, spa and wellness complex located in the very heart of downtown Kiev. Members are offered customized fitness and training plans. Club amenities include a fitness zone, aqua zone, and a large sauna complex with Roman, Russian, Finnish and Turkish-style baths.There’s also a separate children’s club, restaurants and beauty salon. Services: Fitness programs, Swimming Pool, Pilates, Special Programs, Wellness Programs, Kid’s Club,, SPA, Dancing, Yoga, Sauna Zone, Restaurant (Russian) Address: Ryl’s’kyi Ln, 5 Phone number: +38 (044) 206 77 11 Nearest Metro: Maidan Nezalezhnosti Price: about $1,800 per year Personal training: from $14 to $19 One-time visit: upon client’s recommendation $46

Fitness Club “5 element”

The Fitness Club “5 element” is a premium class fitness, wellness and entertainment complex. Facilities include a fitness zone, group exercise rooms, martial arts and self-defense studios, swimming and aqua aerobics zones, tennis, squash, badminton, volleyball, football and basketball courts. The family-friendly club has a children’s and teen club, a children’s sports school and programs for expectant mothers. Luxury amenities include a wellness center and beauty salon, a restaurant, and a huge secure parking garage with a car wash for members’ cars. Services: Gym, Fitness programs, Aerobic, Pilates, Yoga, Dancing, Aqua aerobics, Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Indoor Football, Stretching, Cycling, 6 swimming pools, Wellness, Kid’s sport school, Beauty salon, Programs for expectant mothers, Restaurant where-to-work-out-in-kiev-4[1] Address: Elektrykiv St, 29a Nearest Metro: Tarasa Shevchenka Phone number: +38 (044) 351 77 33 Price: $1,500-$2,000 per year Personal training: $15 One-time visit:  $45

Wellness Club “Leonardo”

The Wellness Club at Leonard Business Center offers a premium spa, fitness and beauty center. It is a place where you will forget all your problems and immerse yourself into magical world of oriental massage, unforgettable fragrance and fabulous treatments. Conveniently located in the historical center of Kiev. Services: Spa center, sauna complex, 25 meter swimming pool, fitness club, gym, boxing, kick-boxing classes, beauty salon Wellness-Club-Leonardo-sauna-where-to-work-out-in-kiev[1] (Russian) Address: Bohdana Khmel’nyts’koho St, 17/52a Business Center ‘’Leonardo’’ – 1st floor Nearest Metro: Zoloti Vorota Phone number: +38 (044) 581 08 08 Price: $500-$1,200 per year Personal training: $17 One-time visit: $25

Premier Palace Hotel’s Fitness Club

At the Premier Palace Hotel you’ll find an excellent fitness club in Kiev’s center. Facilities include, a weight-lifting room, swimming pool, aerobics room, and massage rooms. The wellness complex features a Finnish sauna, Turkish and Russian baths, and a solarium. Most noteworthy is the atrium-lit hi-tech swimming pool with hydromassage; here you can enjoy vitamin cocktails and sample the fitness menu at the poolside Laguna Fitness Bar. Services: Gym, Fitness programs, Swimming Pool, Aqua aerobics, Personal Training, Fitness Bar, Wellness Bar Premier-palace-fitness-club-where-to-work-out-in-kiev[1] Address: T. Shevchenka Blvd / Pushkinska St, 5-7/29 Nearest Metro: L’va Tolstoho, Teatral’na Phone number: +380 (044) 244 12 39 Price: $1,900-$2,400 per year Personal training: $20 One-time visit: $45

Mid Range Prices

Sport life

Sport life is the largest chain of fitness centers in Kiev. There are over 20 Sport Life fitness clubs around the city with different formats (Lux, Lux-lite, Premium, Classic+B, Classic and Express), which differ in size, price and service offerings. Some Sport life memberships give you access to all or several of the chain’s fitness clubs in Kiev, which is especially convenient if you want to work out close to your office on some days and close to home on other days, if your job has you moving around the city, or if you relocate to another part of Kiev. Services: Membership includes: gym, swimming pool, fitness classes, access to all or several of the chain’s fitness clubs depending on your membership level. Fitness classes, many clubs include swimming pools and several include a kid’s sport academy and a spa. where-to-work-out-in-kiev-7[1] (Russian) Address: Zvirynetska St, 59 Sport Life Dlux! and 33 clubs in 24 different locations of Kiev Nearest Metro: Pecherska Phone number: +380 (044) 585-99-09 Price: $530-$720 per year Personal training: $20 One-time visit: $12-20


Interfit is a small fitness club with several highly-regarded professional trainers and moderate prices. A good bet if you’re looking for an affordable club downtown and you don’t need or want lots of fancy offerings. Interfit is conveniently located in Olimpiiskiy trade center, in the heart of Kiev next to the Olimpiiska metro station. Services: Membership includes: gym with free weights and machines and cardio equipment. Additional charge: Fitness classes, Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Tae Kwan Do, Boxing, and Personal training Interfit-where-to-work-out-in-kiev[1] (Russian) Address: Velyka Vasylkivska St, 72 Nearest Metro: Olimpiiska Phone number: +38 (044) 585 97 43 Price: about $300 per year Personal training: $7 One-time visit: $5

Planet Fitness

The first Planet Fitness club opened in 2002 in the heart of Kiev near Bessarabska Square. The modern fitness complex includes a spacious gym, cardio and aqua zone, an area for group classes and personal training, sports doctor and massage. Services: Gym, cardio zone, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, swimming pool, children’s fitness, classes for pregnant women, personal training, dancing, Pilates Planet-Fitness-where-to-work-out-in-kiev[1] A second fitness club Planet Fitness, opened in 2007. This small, 700 m2  club on Shorsa Street, features a gym, group exercise programs and personal training. Group programs include boxing and Pilates sessions on an Allegro simulator.  (Ukrainian) Address: Kropyvnyts’koho St, 10 Nearest Metro: Palats Sportu Phone number: +38 (044) 254 62 00 Price: about $540 per year Personal training: $12 One-time visit: $9 Address: Shchorsa St, 32 Nearest Metro: Pecherska Phone number: +38 (044) 220 00 20 Price: about $328 per year Personal training: $12 One-time visit: $7


CrossFit Banda

CrossFit Banda opened in March 2015 and features area of 1,000 square meters, including an outdoor exercise area, and authentic Rogue equipment. Banda provides general physical training in a group setting that includes constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements. The hall was CrossFit BANDA aims to enhance national CrossFit level, which holds the largest number of competition and training. The club is operated by a close-knit team of like-minded professionals, and is open to new friends, ideas and initiatives. Services: Rowing, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Volleyball, Boxing, Thai boxing,TRX, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA where-to-work-out-cross-fit[1] (Russian) Address: Naberezhno-Lugova St, 4 Phone number: +380 97 909 88 99 Price: about $365 per year Personal training: $14 One-time visit: $9

Dog Sport Club

DOG & Grand CrossFit” is a boutique-style sports complex that offers a variety of programs, which are aimed at developing and strengthening the body’s spiritual health. In addition, to CrossFit, members are offered fitness with free weights, machines and kettlebells, Pilates, stretching, calisthenics, yoga, massage, fitness for children and more. Services: Gym, CrossFit, Martial Arts, Dance and aerobic classes, Strength training; Fitness classes, Pilates, Yoga, Massage, fitness for children. Crossfit-Dog-Sport-Club-where-to-work-out-in-kiev[1] (Russian) Address: Moskovs’kyi Ave, 6 Nearest Metro Station: Petrivka Phone number: +38 (044) 500 70 7070 Price: about $170 per year Personal training: $8-11 One-time visit: $12

Yoga Studios

Yoga Center “Be Happy”

Yoga Center “Be Happy” offer regular classes, seminars and workshops on yoga, Pilates, Qigong and other health systems and personal development as well as massage and Thai massage. The center offers classes for all levels from beginner to advanced, as well as therapeutic sessions. Services: Yantra Yoga,Tri-Yoga, Yoga for children, Baby Yoga, Yoga-therapy, Sivananda Yoga, Pilates, Matwork, Pilates “Power”, Pilates “Stretching”, Different types of massage Yoga-Studio-Be-Happy-where-to-work-out-in-kiev[1] Address: Pushkinska St, 19 Nearest Metro Station: Teatralna Phone number: +38 (096) 88 750 88 Price: about  $13 per 4 sessions, $24 per 8 sessions, $33 per 12 sessions One-time visit: $5

Kiev Yoga Studio

Kiev Yoga Studio features 3 halls at different locations in Kiev. The “Soul of Tibet” is a 5-minute walk from Pl. L’va Tolstoho metro. Here you can choose from a variety of classes including: classical hatha yoga, therapeutic yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, yoga for those over 50, yoga for pregnant women, yoga for your spine, Qigong, and others. “Bodhi” is a 3-minute walk from the metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti. In addition to beginner and advanced-level yoga classes, classes include: Qigong, Pilates, baby yoga, yoga for moms, yoga for the face and “hot” yoga “Sattva” located in Kiev’s Left Bank in the “Pyramid” shopping center, about a 7-minute walk from Pozniaky metro station Services: Classical hatha yoga, therapeutic yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, yoga for those over 50, yoga for expectant mothers, training on system recovery Beloyar, spine-yoga, Gigong, Pilates, baby yoga, yoga for moms, yoga for the face and hot yoga where-to-work-out-yoga[1] Address: Antonovycha St, 20 “Soul of Tibet” Nearest Metro Station: Pl. Lva Tolstoho Phone number: +38 (044) 289 35 75 Price: about $13 per 4 sessions, $22 per 8 sessions, $30 per 12 sessions One-time visit: $4

Yoga Studio Ganesh

Yoga Studio Ganesh is located in the center of Kiev and directed by the Indian yoga master Shashi Ranjan. Here you can try a unique type of yoga practice – Authentic Divya Yoga that is taught by Shashi Ranjan. This practice is an undistorted, original yoga, the roots of which were developed in India thousands of years ago. Services: Divya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Fly Yoga, Baby Yoga Yoga-Studio-Ganesh-where-to-work-out-in-Kiev[1] Address: Velyka Vasylkivska St, 66 Nearest Metro Station: Olimpiiska Phone number: +38 (044) 289 58 98 Price: about $12 per 4 class, $21 per 8 sessions, $28 per 12 sessions One-time visit: $4

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