Another week of quarantine is over, and another set of cool and uncool Kyivan news is here for you.


  1. The Football Club Dynamo Kyiv has decided to draw attention to the problem of people burning grass by photoshopping the Lobanovsky stadium as if it is on fire.

          Photo: Serhiy Ristenko, Depositphotos

  1. An eco-friendly tourist resort will be built in the Odesa region.
  2. A biology teacher in the eastern Kharkiv region has found a creative way to deliver her lessons to students. She records rap videos, each of which takes around 8 hours to make. Take a look.
  3. Since today, Ukrainians can enjoy restaurants’ outdoor terraces, museums, and beauty salons. Though, the regions where many new cases have been reported (such as Lviv) won’t enjoy this luxury.
  4. IKEA is coming to Ukraine. It is already available for use online (though you can’t buy yet), the first physical shop is expected to open soon.
  5. This news is cool literally. The Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine saw 15 cm of snow on May 7.
  6. The Ukrainian parliament has passed a bill that insures medics and equates them with soldiers serving on the frontline.
  7. If you’re in the mood for some otherworldly footage, watch some Ukrainians laying flowers in front of the WW2 monuments and cosmonaut-looking workers disinfecting the areas at the same time.
  8. The latest episode of the State of Kyiv podcast is out! Listen here to recall what got us talking in April.


  1. Ukraine’s Ministry of Health has released a sexist ad that suggests that quarantine means women disinfect houses and men study online courses.
  2. After just 4 years of service, Uber Eats is leaving Ukraine this June. Uber’s taxi service is staying in Ukraine.
  3. Ukrainian school kids won’t be able to attend schools at least until the new school year in September due to the risk of the coronavirus spread. The education ministry has asked schools not to carry out graduation ceremonies.
  4. Ukraine will not fully resume inbound and outbound flights at least until the end of summer. That’s our summer vacations gone. 😒
  5. Really uncool: Russia’s occupying authorities in Crimea installed a banner displaying dictator and murderer Joseph Stalin in Sevastopol. Crimea has been under Russian occupation since March 2014.