Welcome to our hotel. I´m really glad to see you. You can go to Mickey, our receptionist, he will give you the key for your room. But our hotel has no large rooms or double beds, so you have to shift two beds together to sleep with your wife or your husband. Luisa will clean your room and also the whole hotel, so treat her well. She´s our only one. Her mother works in the kitchen. Her name is Gabriella Grande. Maybe she´s the owner of the hotel, but no one knows. If you want to eat, be careful with the menu, because she can really cook everything. In the smallest room of the hotel lives an artist, but he doesn´t play. Just alone, at night. He makes his monologue. If you want to listen to it you have to lean against the door. But I wouldn´t do it. If you have questions I´m always there. Welcome again. Let´s go.


With Ihor Dymov, Yurii Forest, Oleksandra Indik, Semen Kyslyi, Danylo Shramenko, Yevheniia Sivook, Vladimir Rudenko

Performances: 8, 9, 10 September 2017
National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Center, Kiev

Meet: 8th Floor

Friday 8th, 7:30pm
Saturday 9th, 11pm
Sunday 10th, 5pm & 11pm

supported by Gogelfest / ETC