Beautiful but quite demanding, this tour requires a good level of physical fitness and endurance (we cover up to 100 km per day and longer). This tour is not for beginners 🙂

  • Route: Skole-Kamyanka-Dovbush rocks-Tustan-Truskavets
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Level of training: high
  • Distance: 100 km, terrain – mountains, plains, asphalt/soil – 30/70
  • Altitude gain during tour: up to 2300 meters
  • Accommodation: comfort
  • Sightseeing on the route: Kamyanka waterfall, Dovbush rocks, Tustan, city of Truskavets, mountains, wideness and beauty of Carpathian mountains.

Day 1

  • Route: Skole-Kamyanka-Dovbush rocks-Verkhnye Synyovodne
  • Distance: 50 km
  • Altitude gain: 1500 meters

One of the most special places in Carpathian mountains is the National park “Skole Beskids”. We will ride through the park during first and second day of the trip and you can enjoy the enchantment of Carpathians from many sides: waterfalls, tops, cliff descents.

The Kamyanka waterfall

We will see Kamyanka waterfall. The unique mountain relief created the cliffy river sides, which go up to 20 meters high. There are lots of small waterfalls, the most famous among them is Kamyanka waterfall. Its wonderful flow falls from an altitude of 7 meters! Crossing the bridge, not far away, you can quench your thirst from the source of the so called  “life-giving” water, which runs from the deep of Carpathian mountains.

The endless views of Carpathian crest lead us to Sukil village, where 500 people live. This is a place where nobody is in rush, people in the village are very friendly they will show you the direction and wish you a strong heath and nice trip.

Dovbush rocks

The next destination of our trip is probably one of the most beautiful cliff complexes – Dovbush rocks. Unique rocky sandstones rise up to 80 m and spread for 1 km, they were created on the sea bottom which existed there more than 70 millions years ago! The stone labyrinth is 200 m wide, it is extended inside of the beech-spruce forest from the East to the West for almost 1 km.

As we pass through Trukhaniv village you will see flourishing front yards, Holy Mother statues, solemn crosses etc.

Day 2

  • Route: Verkhnye Synyovodne- Tustan-Truskavets
  • Distance: 50 km
  • Altitude gain: 800 meters

Morning: wake up, exercises, breakfast and with no rush we’ll cycle to the local school, which is situated almost in the middle of the field.

Tustan is a pearl of Old Russian defense construction, early middle-ages rupestral fort-town and customs of IX-XIII century and simply unique historical and architectural monument, with no analogy in Europe. After a short guided tour at the museum on our way to Truskavets we will pass by village Skhidnytsya and Borislav city.

Truskavets is a recreational town and source of minerals. Truskavets is situated in the woods, so we enter by climbing a green hill.


  • First day dinner, second day breakfast and lunch
  • Guided tour in Tustan
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Medical insurance
  • Guide/bicycle mechanic services, first-aid kit

Not included:

  • Train tickets (round trip),
  • First day lunch, all snacks on the way,
  • Rent of bicycle and its accessories (helmets, bags etc). Please let us know in advance if you need to rent something
  • Other expenses (tea-coffee on the road, souvenirs etc.)


*All prices are in Ukrainian Hryvna*

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