1. Places to have some barbeque on the list.
  2. Isn’t it great? Summer came to Kiev 16 days earlier than the average indicators shows.
  3. the UEFA Champions League will take place in Kyiv May 25-27. Kyiv residents launched flashmob #FreeKyivCouch4Fans. The purpose is to accept foreigners and save them from too expensive rent.
  4. Check the places where you can swim and have some tan.


Not cool

  1. Kyiv government plans to replace the coat of arms for 4 million hryvnias on the Bridge Severnyi. Don’t we have any other problems?
  2. A well-known Kyiv courtyard with crows is selling for development.
  3. The eight-story hotel returns to Andreevsky, the heart of the historic region of Podil. The court considers the construction is to be legal.
  4. Business and greed: 5 thousand euros for 2 nights in Kiev asks owners of some hotels and apartments. Due to the lack of places to stay for the final of the Champions League on the weekend of May, 25-27 rent remains at sky-high prices.
  5. The season of activity of ixodid ticks began.