Cool news

  1. It is Monday and it’s the official holiday in Ukraine. Easter mood is in the air!
  2. Cardiomobile will work on Poshtova Square April, 14 from 10 am to 6 pm. You can get a consultation from professional cardiologists for free.
  3. Warm days and picnics. These two are inseparable. Kyiv government opens 38 locations for picnics around the city. Check the nearest.
  4. Kyiv loves coffee! Don’t miss the annual coffee festival!
  5. If you love to run and need a great company joins Runday this Saturday. It is for free and for fun!

Not cool news

  1. Holidays it is good and bad at the same time. During it, most of the government institutions, shops or other customer services are closed until Tuesday. Check it before going somewhere!
  2. Subway exit of Khreshatyk station is under reconstruction until July,2. During peak hours the exit at Gorodetskogo street and Nebesnoy Sotny street can be crowded.
  3. Holidays are a great time for going somewhere. But it is a great time for thieves and burglars. During April, 8 police received 180 calls. Don’t forget to stay safe and keep your home locked.
  4. If you going to South of Ukraine by Kyiv-Odessa rout check this video and be ready.
  5. And one more not cool news for today. The stable was burned out in a Knyazhychy village near Kyiv. Four horses died.