Cool news

  1. This year Kyiv government plans to build almost 43 kilometers of cycle tracks and to equip more than 60 kilometers of roads for cycling.
  2. At the end of April, the Gastro Prychal Festival will take place on Poshtova Square. Food, master classes from chefs and DJs, and lot’s of fun until September,30.
  3. From September 27 the new parking law will be implemented. Say “NO” to illegal parking!
  4. This weekend you can go to Chornobyl or stay relaxed at Кураж Базар Jazz ONLY.
  5. Check Kyiv Botanical Gardens. It is blooming season! Don’t miss, stay blessed with sun and good weather!

Not cool news

  1. A man threw a grenade in a Kioto park, Lisova metro station. He was drunk. Some people had injured. Illegal guns and grenades are in the city, so stay careful.
  2. In Pushcha-Vodytsia, in the northwestern part of Kiev (Obolon Raion) unknown sawed three hundred years old oaks.
  3. Drunk car wash worker stole a Mercedes G-Class. He lost control and trapped in a car accident.  Not cool!
  4. A new scheme of robberies in Kyiv. Look around and don’t open the car if you see that your wheel cut. Robbers somewhere around waiting to read your code when you open the door. Call to the police!
  5. Rent has risen by almost half in five regions in Kyiv.