1. Kyiv hosting the UEFA Champions League Final. This is the coolest event in the capital of Ukraine which take place at the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium on May,26.
  2. Fans with a ticket to football matches can use the public transport for free.
  3. Strawberry season in Kyiv. You can find a small one-table market on each corner and it will be full of baskets with strawberries!
  4. Kyiv metro made a special wagon for football fans. Try to catch it 🙂
  5. Day of Kyiv will be May, 26 also. Check some events if you have time before the football match. Saturday promise to be full of fun!


Not cool

  1. In the Kyiv region forests because of the hot and dry weather snakes become aggressive. Watch your feet and your back on picnics.
  2. Prices become higher during the important event in Kyiv. Higher that citizens can effort. Read more here.
  3. The prices for housing due to the Champions League grew everywhere, but Kiev surpassed the whole world. Check the infographics
  4. On Monday early morning near the Hydropark metro station was a shooting. Two people were injured because two companies argued, as usual. Guns run over the city. Be careful.
  5. Tariffs for public transport is going to increase in order to slow down the leakage of personnel at transport enterprises and to retain qualified specialists. Sounds good for transportation workers. Salary and pensions will stay on the same level.