Cool news

  1. Easter in the city! You can’t escape from Ukranian traditions and don’t try. Better enjoy the spirit of Velykhden (Easter in Ukrainian language). April,8.
  2.  The work of public transport will be prolonged on Easter in Kyiv
  3.  An application-guide was launched by GUYD. Check for some new non-tourist places.
  4. The medical reforms began. You can sign the declaration with doctors from today. Check the medical clinics here
  5. Prepare your bicycle! Annual Bike to Work Day next week. Check the route here.

Not cool news

  1. Easter in the city! It means that April 7-9 none will work.
  2. The elevator crashed on Troyeschina in Kyiv. Some of them in terrible condition. Hope you’ll stay safe and sound.
  3. The incidence of influenza abruptly went down, but it is still high. Weather is changing all the time. “Wear scarfs,” moms say.
  4. Annual Le Printemps français en Ukraine, or French Spring, made by French Institute in Ukraine created the awkward advertisement. They put the logo of a general sponsor on a church. Not cool, guys. Read it here
  5. The historical region in Kyiv, Andriyivskyy Descent, is waiting for a new challenge. The construction of the eight-story hotel continues at a rapid pace.