Jenadin is the first in Ukraine production of seamless jersey.

Today Jenadin is 30 professionals, including designer and it-specialists. And also – knitting machines produced by “Stoll”: a miracle of technology, capable of producing models of any complexity, this brand uses 100% natural materials for premium-segment clothing. The ambition of the young brand is to elegantly dress the whole Ukraine, as did the legendary Ralph Lauren in America

The team does the purchase of yarn, design, the work of masters and programmers, the delivery of products to stores. Dresses, cardigans, tops from the thinnest breathable merino, delicate cashmere, viscose and natural cotton are distinguished by airiness and delicacy. Gently adhering to the body, almost weightless, any thing will envelop a woman with a light haze, giving peace and care.

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Location: St. Konoplyans’ka 18

Phone: 050 411 7543