A new video about Ukraine hit the web today in a bid to promote the country as a place to do business. No doubt timed to coincide with the Ukraine Investment forum that takes place in the US this week, the fast-paced and well made video runs through many of Ukraine’s vital statistics highlighting the potential of new Ukraine.

Undoubtedly inspired by Kyiv.Cool’s own video about Kyiv, the two minute montage includes lots of smiley faces, aeroplanes, panoramas and (unsurprisingly) a man holding a cat.

Some of the statistics are dubious to say the least (4th most educated country in the world? 2 truck days to most European cities? Seriously, wft? – you’d be lucky to get from Kyiv to the border in 2 days) and others are just funny (celebrating Kyiv’s roads is surely a piss-take) but overall its a good video and it seems to be a viral ‘hit’ with young Ukrainians – so well done to the marketing/PR company that produced it.

I have absolutely no doubt that cynics and comedians across the country (and across the border in Russia) are eagerly working on their spoof remakes, so I’ll post them as they arrive.

In the meantime enjoy ‘Ukraine, Open for U’…


…and here’s our own, much cheaper version about Kyiv 🙂