“The video of an impressive presence” of the Sun … so close and in such a way that  you probably have not seen yet …

Art Club “VivaVo and Wine” on Thursday, January 04, 2008 at 20:00 invites guests to class wine and the meaning of meditation in front of the huge heavenly light The genre is captured in UltraHD quality on the big screen, cosmic music and our wine will take you in the afterlife …

Also, this evening in our video program will be:

– An overview of a real permanent exhibition of paintings by the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (17: 00-18: 30);
– singer Sting’s concert “Winter Night” (18: 30-20: 00);
– NASA’s thermonuclear art: a real star showing the Sun is close – captured in UltraHD (20: 00-20: 30).
– “video of an impressive presence”: sunset in the winter forest (20: 30-21: 00);
– “video of an impressive presence”: fire in a fireplace, cracking firewood … sounds charming Christmas music … (21: 30-22: 00).

All video – beautiful and energetic – creates a filled atmosphere in the Club, but at the same time, it does not require the attention of the viewer: it can be viewed with curiosity, but it is possible to chat in parallel with friends or get acquainted directly in the Club with like-minded people, or to be alone to reflect, calmly savoring wine. No tensioning waiters, expensive wines or inappropriate publicity – everything is very democratic, intelligent and artistic.

So come – when it’s convenient for you. Entrance is a glass of wine. The cost of a glass of wine is 30-40 UAH. (full menu – on the page of the Club in the FB in the “Information” section).

Welcome to the Art-Club “Viva and the Wine”!