Cool news

  1. Finally, spring in the city. And it is the most shareable news
  2. Today the pedestrian bridge in Kiev to Trukhaniv Island will be highlighted with violet light as a sign of the World Day of Information about epilepsy.
  3. Kyiv will use the France experience to enlarge the capital. The city should become more “Europian“.
  4. River passenger transport in Kyiv is planned to be launched at the end of April or in early May.
  5. Docudays UA, International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is still going! Don’t miss!

Not cool news

  1. The weather shows that it will be two cold days this week before winter leaves us. Stay warm on Wednesday and Thursday. We are ready to start wearing snickers!
  2. Kyiv Metro refused to place social advertising for equality, for free. “Places for people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women, internally displaced persons, veterans, migrants, Muslims, homeless people, people who have been violent, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people, intersexes,queers, transgender people, romans, veins , anarchists, people with HIV, people with hearing and vision impairments, feminists, former prisoners, atheists, drug addicts and others,” advertising says.
  3. Kievans will be switched off from the heating when the average daily air temperature will be 8 ° С.
  4. A passenger was detained in the subway carrying 2.5 kilos of a gunpowder. Isn’t it dangerous man to share a train with?
  5. A famous minibus is well known as “marshrutkas” lost its back door on the move. Don’t lean on it!