Artists Nick Jackson (USA) and Zhenia Perutska (Ukraine) are presenting a workshop about the process of creating journalistic comics, drawing materials from their research in Kyiv.

Over the past several months, Nick and Zhenia have conducted interviews with different participants in Maidan- people coming from vastly different perspectives, ideologies, and life stories. These include democratically-minded students, Crimean Tatar activists, western nationalists, as well as participants in AntiMaidan. During the workshop, we’ll listen to excerpts from several of these interviews and attempt to better understand the motivations of these different individuals.

Finally, we’ll learn how to take a real person’s story and relate it visually and verbally through the medium of comics. The workshop isn’t dependent on technical drawing skill- rather than creating perfect works of art, we’ll be playing with different strategies for telling a story. All that is required is some imagination and a willingness to put yourself in another’s shoes.

The event will be conducted in a combination of English and Ukrainian. Interviews vary between both languages. Discussion may be in English, but Nick and Zhenia can also translate into Ukrainian if necessary.

Remember to bring your passport or driver’s license.



Venue: America House Kyiv, Pymonenka str., 6

We start at 6.30 pm