Merry Christmas from the State of Kyiv newsletter!

Here’s a new rendition of the Ukrainian Christmas tune Carol of the Bells performed by a military orchestra in Ukraine. 

Cool news:

  1. Jack Daniel’s has filmed and produced its latest commercial in Ukraine. The locations where filming was done include Kyiv’s bar BarmanDictat and restaurant Mario, as well as Korostyshivskyi Canyon in the Zhytomyr region, central Ukraine. The advertising campaign has a slogan “Make it count.”

  2. Four Ukrainian female athletes were featured among the list of world’s best in 2020. These are Yaroslava Maguchikh, Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk, Yulia Levchenko, and Alina Shukh. The list was created by athletics magazine Track & Field.

  3. FC Dynamo Kyiv has been rated as all-time no. 11 best football team in the world, according to UEFA. Real Madrid was rated as no. 1.

  4. A Ukrainian start-up desisgner brand OMELIA by Kostya Omelia is making unisex shirts made of recycled materials.

  5. A Ukrainian soldier that was seized and made captive in the occupied Donbas has been returned to the government-controlled Ukraine.

Uncool news:

  1. A group of five intruders reportedly attacked the Mayor of Brovary (Kyiv region) Ihor Sapozhko at his home on December 21. Some money and jewelry were stolen. The case is being investigated.

  2. The restaurant guide Michelin referred to borshch as a Russian dish. They have now apologised and promised to make a guide on Kyiv food places.

  3. Unless they’re in a high-risk of getting COVID-19, Ukrainians won’t be getting a vaccine until spring 2022, according to the plan revealed by the government. Ukraine will be carrying out a phased vaccination process of its citizens starting from those who are in the highest risk zone and those working with coronavirus patients.

  4. Scooters, mobile phones, suitcases, children’s rucksacks, and dresses were among the most frequently left items by Kyiv metro passengers on the trains. Among the largest in size forgotten items were a lawn mower, a microwave, and an ironing board. Only one-third of lost items are claimed by passengers, Kyiv metro announced.

  5. It snowed in Kyiv and other towns on December 23! But unfortunately this led to more than 1,000 road accidents in Ukraine, in which 13 died and 64 were injured.