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The virus is spreading, the world is changing, and yet, one thing remains the same. And that is our weekly newsletter delivering the most entertaining news from Kyiv and Ukraine. Here’s this week’s dose:


  1. Nearly half of Ukrainians have begun to follow the news more often than usual during the coronavirus quarantine. One-third of Ukrainians started watching movies and TV shows more, cleaning their homes and cooking. Find out what Ukrainians are doing during the quarantine.
  2. Students can’t go to school due to the quarantine, but here’s how Ukraine has adapted to make sure education stays in their lives.
  3. The Kyiv city state administration has launched an online platform that gathers free counseling, educational, cultural, and sports activities services in one place.
  4. Since new restrictions kicked in in Kyiv on April 6, many locals expressed dissatisfaction. A lot of those dissatisfied ones are athletes and sports enthusiasts as the use of recreation zones is no longer permitted. One man, a frequent visitor of Kyiv’s famous outdoor gym, was so angry at not being allowed to use the gym that he decided to swim over to the gym instead. It hasn’t quite worked out though, as he was met by 13 police officers on the other side of the river. The pictures and videos of the incident made quite an amusing sight.

5. 5,138 couples in Ukraine have married since the start of the nationwide quarantine, which is nearly 4 times more than those divorced (1,753).

6.The new episode of The State of Kyiv podcast is out. Listen here!


  1. The majority of the 16,335 amendments submitted to the banking bill, or colloquially known as the “anti-Kolomoisky bill”, were submitted by 7 MPs.
  2. Some Ukrainian churches were nearly calling for neglecting quarantine rules, but this now backfired as the coronavirus has spread to one of Ukraine’s most well-known churches.
  3. With the spread of the coronavirus, domestic violence is spreading, too. Here’s how Ukraine is dealing.
  4. A lot of Ukraine is on fire. Since the start of 2020, nearly 18,000 hectares of Ukrainian land has been destroyed by fire, which is 18,000 hectares too much. Not only are fires bad for the ecosystem, but they also cause air pollution. At one point last week, Kyiv was rated the most polluted city in the world.

If that wasn’t bad enough, radioactive forests in Chernobyl have also been burning for 10 days, though authorities say the radiation level is within      normal levels.

5. Another fire in Ukraine’s western Zakarpattya region has destroyed 9 hectares of “Valley of daffodils,” a national reserve and a gorgeous sight every May. A man was detained in relation to this crime. If proven guilty, he faces between 5 and 12 years in prison.