Hello! As always, find our weekly selection of cool and uncool news below.

Cool news:

  1. Cybersports is now officially considered a sport in Ukraine. This creates more opportunities for gamers in and outside of the country and, therefore, may lead to a boost to the Ukrainian economy.
  2. A Ukrainian woman has won a domestic violence case in the European Court of Human Rights. She was trying to force out her abusive husband who has drinking problems from their flat that they shared with their four children. Throughout the two years before the victory, she’d been losing court cases in Ukraine as judges deemed the man’s right to have a place to live more important.
  3. The drowned tanker Delfi has finally been removed from a beach in Odesa, south of Ukraine, where it lied underwater for 8 months. The chemicals that were constantly released from the tanker were damaging to the environment and humans.
  4. The first Ukrainian “AutoPride” (an LGBTQ march on automobiles) took place in the eastern city of Kharkiv on Sunday. The reason for this format is both to keep the march quarantine-friendly (last year, around 3,000 people took part) and to avoid clashes with homophobes (of which there are still many in the country). The event went ahead without incident.
  5. A Ukrainian man, 38-year-old Volodymyr Yeroshkin from Odesa, led a tanker that saved 27 migrants from dying in the Mediterranean Sea. The ship carrying the migrants spent a month in the waters because neither Italy nor Malta wanted to accept them. On the night of September 12, the 27 people were finally accepted into Sicily.


  1. Only 40% of polled Ukrainians think that the coronavirus is a threat to them.
  2. Crimean Volodymyr Balukh who was detained and held captive in Russian-occupied Crimea for putting up a Ukrainian flag (released during the big prisoner exchange in September 2019), has been beaten in Kyiv.
  3. A record-high amount of cocaine, 112 kilograms, was discovered in the Odesa port on a ship that came from Ecuador. According to Ukraine’s law enforcers, the drugs would sell for around $17 million in the black market. The ship that transported it was doing it under the guise of transporting bananas.
  4. From today onwards, Kyiv is in the orange coronavirus zone. This means hostels have to close, fitness centers have to shut unless they can provide at least 10 metres sq. for every client, public transport can’t be over 50% full. Meanwhile, Ukraine sees even more new daily coronavirus records, with Friday bringing 3,144.
  5. Russia has caused Ukraine over $30 billion in damages by having occupied its sunny peninsula Crimea. This is according to the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Gyunduz Mamedov. The amount is approximately one-fourth of what Ukraine’s economy currently worth. The costs are expected to grow with every day until Russia hands back Crimea.