Hello, and welcome to your weekly digest of cool and uncool happenings in Kyiv.

Cool things:

  1. Ukrainian teachers Natalya Hladkykh and Oleksandr Zhuk are on the Global Teacher Prize 2020’s list of 50 best teachers in the world.
  2. Ukraine has toughened up its measures aimed at combatting the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Now, only supermarkets, grocery stores, banks, petrol stations, and chemists are open. This is done to reduce unnecessary human contact and to encourage people to stay at home. Delivery services work as normal and many cafes, restaurants, and non-grocery shops have strengthened their online services.
  3. Oleksiy Levin, a suspect in the murder of Ukrainian activist Kateryna Handziuk, has been extradited from Bulgaria (where he was hiding to evade arrest) to Ukraine. He is now in custody until April 2 while the pre-trial investigation is in progress.
  4. Ukraine has climbed 10 points in happiness ranking.
  5. Quarantined at home? Here are Ukrainian things you can listen to, watch, and party to while self-isolating.

Uncool things:

  1. The number of coronavirus cases in Ukraine has risen to 73, including one Ukrainian MP. At the same time, Ukraine is one of the least tested countries (out of the ones that are monitored). Two Ukrainian-born Hollywood actresses Olga Kurylenko and Ivanna Sakhno also said they tested positive for Covid-19. Though, Kurylenko has now been cured.
  2. While some anti-coronavirus measures have been effective in Ukraine, some are questionable. Like the closure of the metro, which led to overcrowded buses and marshrutkas. Initially, a rule to regulate crowdedness was introduced that stated that no more than 10 people would be allowed on any means of public transport and everyone would have to wear a mask to be allowed on it. However, these rules were largely ignored as people argued and fought to board the buses. As of March 23, all passenger transport is stopped in Kyiv in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Some routes will operate for the workers of the companies and enterprises that “ensure critically important areas of the city life.”
  3. Ukrainians are losing jobs due to the nationwide quarantine.
  4. A new bill proposed by the Ukrainian prime minister would give President Zelensky the power to declare a state of emergency bypassing the Cabinet of Ministers and parliament. This goes against the Ukrainian constitution, so the constitution would have to be amended for this to be adopted.
  5. Several Ukrainians continue to be stranded abroad due to countries closing their borders.