Welcome to the Independence Day edition of the “State of Kyiv” newsletter! 🇺🇦

Here’s what we have for you this week.


  1. It’s the Ukrainian Independence Day! Several events are planned throughout Ukraine today, though with the necessary coronavirus precautions. If you’re looking for something to do, here’s a guide that explains different activities across the capital today.
  2. Ukrainian singer and lead member of Skryabin, Andriy Kuzmenko, was posthumously awarded the “Hero of Ukraine” award. He died in February 2015 after a vehicle collision 400 km away from Kyiv.
  3. Ukrainian-born Chrystia Freeland has been appointed as the Minister of Finance in Canada, becoming the first woman to hold that position.
  4. Ukraine’s 19th Century poet Taras Shevchenko now officially holds the record as the most monumented Ukrainian abroad. He has 78 monuments dedicated to him in 42 countries excluding Ukraine. In Ukraine, he has more than 1000.
  5. A man who previously fought alongside the Russia-led separatists in the Donbas was detained in the Kyiv metro. The law enforcers stated that they noticed the man acting strangely and, therefore, decided to check his documents, which revealed an ID given by Donetsk’s self-proclaimed “authorities” where he’s listed as a “gunner.”


  1. A car belonging to the RFE/RL’s programme Schemes has been torched in a suburb of Kyiv.
  2. A man who underwent the first pancreas transplantation surgery in Ukraine has died. Such surgery is known to be one of the most complicated.
  3. Russian media claim that the story about the detention of the 33 Wagner mercenaries in Belarus was originally meant to be a special operation by Ukraine’s security service, SBU.
  4. Ukrainian scientist Borys Paton has died at 101.
  5. Kyiv’s Holodomor (man-made famine created by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in 1932-1933) museum memorial statue has been desecrated by unidentified vandals.