Another week is over and we can’t help but feel a little excited about public transport services finally reopening in Kyiv. The Vyshyvanka Day last Thursday also put us all in a festive mood.

Read on to see our weekly recap of the best and worst news from Kyiv.

Cool news:

  1. Kyiv introduced new quarantine easings. From May 23, public transport started operating in Kyiv. Kyiv metro has also reopened on May 25.
  2. Two Muslim holidays will be made official days off in Ukraine. According to a 2015 poll, around 0.6% of all Ukrainian believers are Muslim. Many Crimean Tatars, the indigenous population of the Crimean peninsula, are Muslim.
  3. The Ukrainian parliament has supported on the first reading the bill for renaming the Day of the Defender of Ukraine into the Day of the Defenders of Ukraine, thus including female soldiers in the holiday name too. At present, the title of the holiday only implies male defenders in it.
  4. Ukraine will receive $1.2 million from the European Union to mend the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.
  5. On May 21, Ukraine celebrated Vyshyvanka Day. Medics in the Lviv regional hospital in western Ukraine drew vyshyvanka embroidery elements on their PPE to celebrate the occasion. And even Kyivan streets embraced the day thanks to flowers planted to form vyshyvanka embroidery patterns. Ukrainian artist Tania Yakunova drew a doodle for Google to celebrate the occasion.

Photo: Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital / Facebook

Uncool news:

  1. Former Ukrainian Prime Minister, lawmaker and Batkivshchyna faction head Yulia Tymoshenko was spotted at a hotel resort in the Lviv region together with a fellow party member on May 7, according to investigative journalists. Hotels were not allowed to operate during that stage of the quarantine in Ukraine, while on the same day the parliament was considering an array of important laws regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Tymoshenko did not take part in that day’s voting.
  2. A Ukrainian MP was found dead inside his office on May 23. His head had a bullet wound. The police have started proceedings.
  3. A Ukrainian soldier, commander of the Luhansk-1 battalion was killed late on May 20.
  4. A drowned tanker ship that was not removed from the sea in Odesa is reportedly causing 15 times the normal levels of water pollution.
  5. A nightclub in Kyiv violated the quarantine by organising a big party.