It’s been another week in the lockdown and, if you’re in Kyiv, brace yourself because there’s going to be at least two more under current restrictions. But, as always, you can count on us to deliver you news on what’s happening in Kyiv and the rest of Ukraine.

Cool things from this past week:

  1. The air in Kyiv is finally good. We’re crossing our fingers as we write this, but this past week we could finally breathe freely.
  2. Kyiv has officially applied to host The International-2021, a very big and prestigious esports championship tournament in the world.
  3. American online learning platform Coursera has made 3,800 of its educational courses available for free to Ukraine’s unemployed.
  4. We told you about Mriya, the biggest aircraft in the world delivering coronavirus aid in the previous newsletter, but this week Mriya made it back to Kyiv carrying aid from China. Take a look at this impressive footage.
  5. Ukrainian company Delfast Bikes has received 3 million hryvnias (around 100,000 euros) to develop a three-wheel bike that can be used by delivery service workers.
  6. Check through this selection of blooming sakura trees in Uzhgorod, western Ukraine.
  7. Ukrainian pharmaceutical giant Biopharma has launched clinical trials to investigate an antibody treatment that could be used on patients suffering from severe cases of the COVID-19 respiratory disease.
  8. On April 25, 181 people recovered from the coronavirus in Ukraine. This is the highest number of recovered cases reported in one day since the start of the outbreak in the country.

Uncool things from this past week:

  1. Ukraine may soon enter its coronavirus peak. The number of cases is expected to surge due to the congregation of believers in churches on Easter day last week. So it is more crucial than ever now to follow public health advice from the Ukrainian authorities and the World Health Organisation.
  2. Due to big fires in the central Ukrainian Zhytomyr region, people lost their homes. Read this compelling report from the ground.
  3. The corona-crisis is already affecting the Ukraine economy and is guaranteed to affect it more. Is another great depression on its way? Find out from this article.
  4. Mayor of the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk said that all Roma people should be evicted from the city. He then apologised. But you know, the damage is done.
  5. If the flora and tourist objects damaged by fires in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone weren’t enough, this 2-week old Przewalski horse (a type of wild breed that is primarily found in Asia but the biggest population is in Chernobyl due to lack of humans there) has suffered from the fires, but luckily survived. You can donate money to the organisation temporarily taking care of the horse here.