It’s now been over 50 days since the nationwide quarantine started in Ukraine. The weather outside has been mostly great, and, unsurprisingly, more and more quarantine violations are being detected. Kyivans take it to “forbidden” areas, and restaurants secretly reopen. But, perhaps more shockingly, an entire Ukrainian city of 279,000 people has decided to protest the quarantine restrictions. All this and more in this week’s cool and uncool news.


  1. Kyiv may start relaxing its quarantine rules from May 12, but only if there is no sharp increase in coronavirus infection rates.
  2. A Ukrainian soldier, who just 3 weeks ago got injured in the Donbas war, got married in a hospital where he is treated.
  3. When it comes to coronavirus restrictions, there is no stopping some people. But this Ukrainian cow managed to prevent a football game from happening.
  4. 1 million tulips have bloomed in a park near Kyiv, take a look at these photos. While five pink flamingos, that are atypical for Ukraine, were spotted in the southern Mykolaiv region for the first time.
  5. Left bank news: The biggest in Ukraine coworking space is scheduled to open on May 15 near the Darnytsia metro station.
  6. Kyiv has produced containers for collecting used masks and gloves.


  1. Servant of the People MP and restaurateur Mykola Tyshchenko seems to have ignored the quarantine rules and kept his restaurant open.
  2. Hromadske journalist Bohdan Kutiepov was beaten by police officers in Kyiv while trying to film a protest outside the Ukrainian government.
  3. Despite working around patients infected with the deadly and contagious coronavirus, Ukrainian medics continue receiving shockingly low salaries. This doctor receives just 68 euros a month. Several doctors from Kyiv hospital went on strike to protest low salaries. Earlier they were promised bonuses but this reportedly did not actualize.
  4. Ukraine is prohibiting its abroad workers from leaving Ukraine.
  5. The mayor of Cherkasy, a central Ukrainian city of 279,000 people, has allowed for restaurants, shops, fitness centers, and beauty salons to reopen, despite the central government’s restrictions.

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