Welcome to yet another dispatch of cool and uncool news!

In this time of madness and uncertainty, we are here to provide you with a wealth of quality news and entertainment.

Great news:

  1. You are not allowed to go and see them in the flesh, but take a look at these stunning blooming trees in Kyiv’s Botanical Gardens.
  2. Ukrainian doctors (who are officially registered) are being provided with free cellular networks and internet by three different mobile phone service operators.
  3. Ukrainians have created free online video tours around various Ukrainian cities. Take a look!
  4. Two important IMF requirements were met last week by Ukraine. Firstly, the land market will finally open for buyers and sellers in Ukraine after a 19-year battle. Secondly, the “anti-Kolomoisky” bill, if approved on the second reading, will ensure Privatbank is not returned to its notorious ex-owner and oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky.
  5. The second phase of the medical reform has started in Ukraine, allowing Ukrainians to get 27 new packages of medical service for free.
  6. The European Union has provided Ukraine with 80 million euros for combatting the coronavirus.

Sad news:

  1. Yuck! A number of forest fires have been registered in Kyiv this past week, causing an awful smell in the capital’s air (that could be smelled even inside apartments). Another fire was recorded in Chernobyl on Saturday.
  2. Over 60 people, who had recently returned from abroad, fled precautionary coronavirus observation at the Kozatskyi Hotel in central Kyiv. They claimed they weren’t sufficiently warned prior to boarding the plane that they’d have to self-isolate in a hotel. They were also reportedly asked to cover some of the hotel expenses.
  3. 60% of Ukrainians don’t have enough savings to even last them one month if they lose their job. 700,000 people (which is 4% of employed Ukrainians) in Ukraine have lost their jobs since the start of the quarantine.
  4. Two journalists have been attacked in Kyiv while trying to film how the quarantine rules are observed (or not observed) in the capital.
  5. Here’s what Kyiv looks like under lockdown.

That’s it for this week but next week we’ll be back with more!