Cool news form Kyiv

The city council approved the creation of 8 new streets in the capital. Read here

An exhibition of works by “underground” Ukrainian artists will be opened in Dukat gallery. Read here

Don’t miss the 35 brightest events of February. Read here

Kyiv Metro offered Elon Mask to place Tesla car at Arsenalna metro station. Read here


Not cool news from Kyiv 

Kyiv police and prosecutors identified and stopped the activities of the underground workshop on the illegal manufacture of alcohol. Read here

An old man who tried to steal a children’s bicycle was seised in Obolon. Read here

For what money rector of the Kyiv chapel managed to have his elite porsche and two apartments. Read here

Military man who stabbed a guy at a buss stop was arrested. Read here

Classes canceled in 119 Kyiv schools due to flu. Read here