Cool news  from Kyiv 

Queen Elizabeth II rented a site in the center of Kiev. Read here

Don’t miss free 5km Runday event in Kyiv. Read here

A note was accidentally found left 118 years ago, during the restoration of the doors to the National Art Museum. Read here

Silent action “Angels of Memory”was hold in the center of the capital dedicated to the memory of the dead Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds. Read here

At a meeting of the Kyiv City Council, the deputies supported the proposal to rename the Moscow Bridge. Read here


Not cool news from Kyiv

Babushka was selling fake milk with mixed water from near located toilet. Read here

The driver kicked out two schoolgirls from marshrutka. Read here

Kyivans no longer want to marry and have children. Read here

More than five people got intestinal infection from eating sushi “Philadelphia”. Read here

Six cars collided at the South Bridge of Kyiv.  Read here