Cool news from Kyiv 

Art and Ice…

Kyiv authorities have allocated 25 million UAH to hold the final matches of UEFA’s Champions League Read here

Kievans want to create a square in honor of the world-famous Ukrainian opera singer and Hero of Ukraine Vasyl Slipak. Read here

A Unique exhibition of South African artist will open in Pinchuk Art Center. Read here

Don’t miss free 5km Runday event in Kyiv. Read here

40 trolleybuses and trams worked all night to minimize icing on power wires. Read here


Not cool news from Kyiv

There’s been a lot of stealing in Kyiv…

Part of the ceiling fell on a boy in Dream Town’s water park. Read here

A woman has been detained for selling drugs to students at a local University. Read here

In less than an hour a woman stole from two clothing stores pairs of jeans worth more than 5 thousand UAH. Read here

Three unknowns stole from a car a bag of 4 million UAH. Read here

From the monument of Lesya Ukraina was stolen bronze garlands. Read here