Pros and cons of the following week


1. Spring is in the city. We felt it when rivers of melted snow washed our shoes than it was snowing and freezing. But wait a few days it will get better. Check the weather.

2. Girls, if you need a place to hang out you should go to the Meeting Place OVD. It appeared in our city two days ago. Good coffee, Ukrainian brands all over. Have fun!

3. Looking where to go this weekend? English Tour of the National Museum of History of Ukraine can be something new and refreshing.

4. Easter will cover the city with its national traditions very soon. The Centre for Ukrainian Culture and Arts started the exhibition Sunny Easter-2018.

5. Palladin Avenue In Kiev will be overhauled. The roadway will be expanded and equipped with bike paths and it will make the way to the countryside more comfortable for bicyclists.

1. It is still a cold weather in the city.

2. After the snow melted we all saw how many dogs we have in Kyiv. Pet’s owners of the capital of the biggest country in Europe don’t really care about the future of the streets and they don’t clean after their smaller friends. So be careful walking in green zones.

3. The flu continues to spread throughout the city. The number of ill with the flu increased by 20,8%.

4. Tomorrow, March 20, part of Kiev will remain without water. Check if your address here.

5. In the Solomyansky district of Kyiv on the street of Lipkivsky was a large-scale communal accident. Now communal services not sure about the exact scale of the accident and the timing of the liquidation.