Some thoughts from Sviatoslav Sviatnenko
In recent months I have heard lots of questions why coming back to Ukraine, as well as dozens of my friends are willing to leave Ukraine as soon as possible.. Well guys, here are 10 reasons to come (back) to Ukraine (at least, works for me).

1. There is no second Kyiv. Not even close. Unique mix of history and (post)modern (Sofiia and Hyatt within 20 meters).
2. Incredible opportunities for self-development.
3. INCREDIBLE opportunities for self-development. Yeah.
4. You will not be blamed (including by yourself) for being away in crucial times for your country.
5. You don’t have to spend hours explaining what is going on in Ukraine and why it matters.
6. You are able to observe (it is a privilege itself, especially for social scientists), but also contribute to societal transformations on a large scale. You can make a difference (although Rome wasn’t built in one day). and you care.
7. People. Bright. Young. Passionate.
8. Freedom.
9. “Be the change you wish to see”. Or at least give it a try.
10. Risk and uncertainty. There are no comfort zones. Turbulent changes .. but it is fun, isn’t it?

p.s. beautiful women, tasty food, cool language come by default 🙂