Kyiv Yoga Studio
Here you can do yoga for beginners, pregnant women, for those over 50 years old, and also kundalini, fitness, ashtanga-vinyasa, hatha and yengu ayengara. And also qigong, meditation, dances including classical Indian dance “Bharatanatyam”, gymnastics for children and much more. Regularly held seminars in Kiev and traveling outside Ukraine.
Price: one-time visit 65 UAH., Subscription from 130 UAH.
Address: hall Soul Of Tibet, st. Gorkogo, 20, tel .: 095 272 9955, 289 3575;

Hall Bodhi, st. Mikhailovskaya, 12b, 383-8640, 050 163-6770;

Hall Sattva, st. Rudenko 6a, 590-0400, 223-9457.

Center for Human Development “New Age”
Here you will be offered a variety of opportunities for the development of the body (regular classes and seminars for yoga, pilates, tai chia and dances), soul: trainings, seminars, counseling psychologists, art programs; mind: lectures, consultations, educational programs, schools and clubs on interests. The center is not tied to any particular philosophical system, school or style.
For visitors there is a quiet courtyard with a summer playground, comfortable showers, a cozy tea room, a shop where you can find oriental spices, incense, Ayurvedic cosmetics, souvenirs from India and China, as well as a large selection of books and discs dedicated to self-knowledge and self-development.
Price: one-time visit 70 UAH., Subscription from 220 UAH.
Address: Bekhterevsky lane, 6, phone: 486-5308, 050 452-7070

Center of Yoga and Wellness Vyacheslav Smirnov “Be Happy”
The Center conducts regular classes, seminars and trainings for yoga, qigong and other systems of healing and development of a person. Among the directions: yantra yoga, trai yoga, pilates, tensegrity, face building, massage, Tibetan medicine, infrared sauna, Champi massage and Chiromassage, sivananda yoga and others.
Price: single visit 80 UAH., Subscription from 255 UAH.
Address: st. Pushkinskaya, 19-b, phone: 096 88 75088

Ayurveda Center
In the classroom, this studio is based on the ancient knowledge of the classical yoga school, which Maharishi Mahesh Yogi revived and adapted for the modern person. His method is a scientifically grounded method of improving physical and spiritual health by awakening the body’s own forces. The practice of yoga also helps to prepare the body and mind for the Transcendental Meditation technique, which can be learned here. And after classes it is worth spending time in the cafe of vegetarian healthy Ayurveda cuisine, where on course the first, second dishes, desserts, pastries, delicious tea and drinks. There is also a store where you can buy food, oils, teas, cosmetics, incense, candles and special literature.
Price: single visit 80 UAH., Subscription from 440 UAH.
Address: st. Dmitrievskaya 39, phone: 096 770-2244

Andrey Sidersky Yoga Studio

The largest yoga studio in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, combining the most effective and popular systems of physical and spiritual self-improvement. Here you can visit various classes of yoga and qigong. Group lessons are combined with the possibility of personal practice together with an instructor. The studio has three halls – two large for group lessons and small for personal or VIP training. In the hall there is a lounge-zone and a phyto-bar, where aromatic tea and coffee are served. And here also there is a shop where you can find everything for yoga practice: carpets, covers, clothes, as well as literature and video materials.
Price: one-time visit 95 UAH., Subscription from 295 UAH.
Address: st. K. Malevich, 86-Г Lybidska metro station, phone: 044 239 1927

Yoga Studio Vedalife
This is not just another school of yoga, but a place where everyone is well and cozy and where every day one can learn something new. In the studio lesson is a classical set: hatha yoga, raja yoga, yoga for beginners, a complex of surya namaskar, qigong, children’s yoga and yoga-nidra in hammocks with singing bowls. So popular now anti-gravity yoga. There is a yoga bar with teas and sweets, a shop with everything you need for classes and relaxation. pass trainings, master classes, lectures, consultations and concerts.
Price: single visit 55 UAH., Subscription from 210 UAH.
Address: st. Gonchara, 90/92, phone: 360-4690

“YOGAHOT” Hot Yoga Center
Hot yoga is the most effective and very popular tools to reduce body weight and detox. Unlike other practices, hot yoga classes take place in a special room, where a special climate is maintained: a temperature of + 38-42º C and a humidity of at least 40%. A warm flow of fresh and moist air improves blood circulation, helps to prevent injuries, warms muscles, and also allows for a deeper physical ability of the body. As a result, you will have tightened muscles, radiant skin, increased immunity and other benefits. The Center itself is located in the most ecologically clean area of ​​the city, on Obolonska embankment overlooking the river. The room has a shower, a shop for Ayurvedic drugs and cosmetics, clothing and accessories for yoga.
Price: one lesson from 80 UAH., A subscription from 300 UAH.
Address: Obolonskaya embankment, 1 bldg. 2, Te .: 066 990-3530

Ishwara Yoga Center
Ishvara-Yoga is the author’s technique of Anatoly Zenchenko, whose goal is a state where a person is maximally connected with his spiritual principle. It teaches a person to feel the deepest, most subtle component of a human being – the spark of God. Here, the basics of yoga will teach newcomers, give lessons in proper breathing, conduct cleansing practices, share health secrets and recipes for healthy cuisine.
Price: single visit 80 UAH., Subscription from 235 UAH.
Address: Podil,  st. Verkhnii Val 16/4, phone: 360 1157

Ayurvedic Clinic 192
Don’t let the word “clinic” scare you. Although here the truth is provided by medical services both traditional (neurology) and alternative medicine (ayurveda, osteopathy, Su Jok). They also teach Vedic technologies of consciousness development using Maharishi’s transcendental meditation method, yoga (yoga therapy, Maharishi yoga, traya yoga, hatha yoga), cooking Vedic food, which can be ordered here, and sell Ayurvedic products. By the way, here you can make panchakarmu – cleanse the body of all unnecessary, relax during a massage or cosmetic procedures.
Price: yoga from 60 UAH. The remaining prices can be found on the website.
Address: avenue. Vozduhoflotsky, 9, cab. 100, phone: 360-5455

Yoga Studio Ganesh
Here you can learn the basics and practice of divya yoga and divya yoga for pregnant women. Master yoga nidra and traditional hatha yoga and even Fly Yoga – a system of useful and effective exercises that have a beneficial effect on the health of the whole body. You can also take a course of Vedic astrology of the Joytish and create your personal card. And in the store  you can buy Ayurvedic products and special literature.
Prices: one-time visit 65 UAH., Subscription 230 UAH.
Address: st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 66, phone: 289 5898